About Christine

Christine Van Ells has a bachelors degree in nursing, Masters in Public Health. She is a certified yoga teacher with advanced training in yoga for anxiety and depression  along with Y12SR(Yoga for 12 Step Recovery) massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. She has been a member of Unity of Central Mass where she trained and practiced as a Prayer Chaplain and is an active member and volunteer for the Appalachian Mountain Club. As a nurse she has worked with Native Americans on the Navajo Indian Reservation, Zuni Reservation and remote villages of Alaska. 

She has also enjoyed working as a school nurse with kids with mental illness and trauma histories where she was able to teach holistic healing tools. Today Christine lives in the White mountains  and is currently working as a hospice nurse where she combines her love for nature, compassionate care and spirituality. She also teaches Heart healing yoga, meditation and leads guided retreats for people on the spiritual journey for healing. Christine’s uses her passion for Spirituality and nature to help people to discover their own inner Divine Spirit and experience deep heart centered healing of mind, body and Spirit. Her practices are meant to help guide you on your own journey to discovering the peace within.